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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 12 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Time~

Day 12 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge and again it has been a busy one - blog now then dinner then shooting off to a sewing class in the city :)
For todays project I chose to do a project I have wanted to do for a while but have put off for lack of time. It is a Photo Transfer Clock canvas - an idea I came up with when I saw a blog post tutorial for doing photo transfers onto canvas. I love the way the photo comes up on the canvas it gives it a vintage look and I have added paints and tints to blend it into the canvas as well as some handmade flowers and a clock in the centre.
I will go searching for the blog post for the transfer technique and link it here later tonight :)
Todays word is ~Time~ and I think it links in perfectly!

One of my wedding photos transferred onto canvas.

More to come late tonight after my sewing class...until then
Have fun creating

Day 11 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Map~

Day 11 Of the 30 day Craft Challenge - the word is
and it has been a busy one - Packing up the house and working on a craft project I can not show you yet - and finished off with a nice afternoon walk and cuppa with a friend...
So only now am I getting time to do my project. I had intended to make a card with a cut out from paper out of an old street directory but running out of time I spyed the free download I got from silhouette last week of a paper aeroplane and thought it would be a cute project to make out of the street directory sheets.
So below are the cut outs (from my silhouette) put together, they  are quite delicate but I am working out a way to sew them all together in a line one below the other etc. into a little mobile which would be cute for a little boys room or party decorations

I love how the planes look cut out of the street directory (which is from the 70's) and look forward to showing you when the mobile is complete :0)


Here are a few projects from yesterdays word ~Pearl~ to share with you...

Carol McCann - Tag made with Perfect Pearls

Ann Place - Some beautiful Pearl Jewellery pieces

Gorgeous tags made by Linda Bromley

And a pretty decoration made by Ellen Budden

until tomorrow - Kate xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 10 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Pearl~

Day 10 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge
Was the inspiration word for today,
I decided to make something simple today, and played around with using cut out hearts to nake a flower. In the centre I put 3 Potato pearls and some Kaisercraft rhinestones in pink. The flower was cut using two different sizes in a heart punch and the edges slightly distressed using "Tattered Rose" Tom holtz distress ink pad.


I then attached the flower onto a dollie and onto a Pearl card with Kaisercraft card as a background and some pretty glittery ribbon. Stamp is My Creative Times.
Finished Card

Above is the finished card!!!

Here are a few of the participants for the 30 Day Craft Challenge, projects from yesterdays word

Nicole Lamb - Layout using background stamp

Ann Place - Glass tile and postage stamp

Erin Boxsell - Stamp image on back of Notepad 

Amber Budden - Postage stamps used in travel layout 

Carol McCann - Stamped tilda holding a stamp

More Participant projects tomorrow for todays word


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 9 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Stamp~

Day 9 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge - with todays word being
I thought today I would take the opportunity to do a quick tutorial on "Stamp Making"!
I love stamps and love doing my own designing so loved the idea of creating my own stamp designs with some of the commercial stamp making machines on the market.

Though also being a thrifty shopper I was not keen on the idea of spending upwards of $250 on a stamp making kit. So I turned to my trusty friend "Google" and discovered a cheaper way to go.

Before I get started and you go out and buy the supplies for this tutorial I have to disclose that it does take a bit of practice and can still be hit and miss with certain designs and words do not work very well with this technique, having said that I have acheived some great effects.

Tools needed:
* UV lamp
( 9V with 6 bulbs - the same as a nail technician would use, you can find these on Ebay for around $35 - $40)
* Transparencies
(If you only have an inkjet printer you will need to buy the ones specific for inkjet printers)
You can get them lazer printed for you at places like office works quite affordably
* Photopolymer image packs for stamps
(I use the Teressa Collins ones as the are affordable and come in a nice neat packet)
* Two acrylic blocks

You will also need:
* Two small trays
(I use chinese containers because they fit well in the small space in my UV lamp)
* Warm soapy water
* Nail or hard brush
* Scissors
* Timer

First you will need to create a design for your stamp - for mine I used a picture of the Taj Mahal I had taken when I was in India. I used photoshop to turn it black and white as well as the magic wand tool to cut out the back ground and I believe I also used a pencil filter on it as well. I then inverted the colours so the black was white and the white was black and then printed it onto transparency with my laser printer.

Original Photo

Photoshop altered photo before it was inverted

Inverted Image

I then took my image pac (make sure you dont subject it to, too much light as they are photosensitive) and placed it on the acrylic block with transparency on top of imagepac and second acrylic block placed firmly and evenly on top of pac and transparency.

Put into UV box and turn on light and expose for 3 mins.
Turn off light take out and cut open pac.
I find it works the best if you scrub the gel pac with out to much water on the brush until you have most of the non exposed (where the black of the picture is) stamp removed.

Then continue scrubbing in warm soapy water until you have removed all the unwanted gel and the hardened (white area) area only remains.
Once this is done, place into the second chinese container with clear water and expose for a further 2 mins.

This is my final result.

Hope you have fun with this tutorial and can create some of your own fun designs...

And now here are a few entries from yesterdays word

Linda Bromley made this gorgeous card.

A Patch work quilt made by Carol McCann

And beautiful card by Erin Applebee

Thanks everyone for following along with me on this challenge, so much inspiration to get from all the great participants entries.... more tomorrow!

Kate xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 8 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Patch~

Day 8 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge and this afternoon I have been working on my swap for The South Australian Scrapbooking and Crafters Facebook page "Mini album swap" - the theme is sewing.
I have almost finished and will be posting to Nicky Normandale my swap partner in the coming days, so unfortunately can only show you a sneak peek at this stage so as to not ruin the suprise for Nicky.
But here is a small snap of part of the album :)

I love sewing and have only just started combinding scrapping and sewing so am very excited to finish this - there is a little suprise on how the album is constructed so will post more once Nicky has it in her hands :)

Now here are a few projects from the participants of the 30 Day Craft Challenge from yesterdays word

Beautiful card by Carol McCann

Lovely ~Love~ layout based around Paris from Amber Budden

And this gorgous card from Meegan Jane Barlow

more projects from the participants tomorrow inspired by the word


Hope you have had a creative day,
Kate xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Some Crafty Goodness from yesterdays word ~Stripes~

Here are a few of the projects from yesterdays word

Neclace and earrings by Ann Place

Such as cute piece inspired by stripes from Leanne Poke

Beautiful Layout by Tania Ridgwell

Thanks to everyone who is following along, more crafty projects for you all tomorrow :)

Kate xx

Day 7 - 30 Day Craft Challenge

Day 7 of the 30 Day craft challenge and the word for today is ~Love~
Today I joined in on a scrap day hosted by my good friend Kerry from Kerry's crafty cards and cuts. Had a great day of scrapping and chatting with Nicky Normandale, Alice and Mark and Megan, and am now ready for a lie down :)
My project that I started today but did not get completely finished was a A3 layout for my wedding album. The layout I started with was of my husband and his groomsmen on our wedding day (wedding is how it ties into love).
Not completely finished but at least the album is on its way now after being neglected for other projects and work.
I can't wait to do some more pages for it. Once finished the pages will be put together and binded with mull.
Below is the almost finished first page.
I will be sharing some other ~Love~ themed projects later tonight :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

As promised here are some more projects from the participants of the
30 Day Craft Challenge 
 Day 5

By Linda Bromley - Done with Tim Holtz Distress markers.

Layout by Tania Ridgwell

Butterflies taking a journey - By Nicky Normandale

I thank everyone for sharing their projects with me xx

Kate xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 6 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~ Stripes ~

Day 6 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge and though I am keeping up with the challenges I am finding it difficult like I am sure most are to juggle so much crafting and everyday life...but I am getting there and I love that I have so much support from my crafting friends
- New and Old -

So here is my project for
I must confess I did start this project a little while ago, but did not finish it until today so I am counting that :) It is a new style of cards I am trialing - a card within a card - with a little more detail then a plain bi fold card.
I have used one of my favourite paper collections from Kaisercraft - Bonjour Collection - and used the stripes on the front as well as a little detail on the inside notecard.

This is the front and inside view (above)...
and this is the back view with extra room to write a special note.

Now here are a few projects from yesterdays word ~Journey~

Love this by Leanne Poke - so cute :)

And this one by Erin Boxsell is just beautiful

I will share a few more of the ~Journey~ projects later tonight...

until then,
Hope you have a beautiful and creative day,

Kate xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

30 Day Craft Challenge - Day 5 ~Journey~

Day 5 of the 30 Day Craft Challenge with the inspiration word for today


With todays project I wanted to do something a little different, but was not really sure what that was. So after standing in my studio staring at the contents of my room for some time, hoping a flash of inspiration would bound into my being - I noticed some mini canvases I had had for some time but had not yet todays project was born.

I had many ideas in my head of what Journey meant to me and what images I could use - Hot air balloon paper, photos from a trip to India...but instead I happened across some stamps I have had for some time and this is what grew out of it...

(Quote from J.R.R. Tolkien)
I first used some Tim Holtz distress ink (Pumice stone) on the edges and stamped the dandelion with plain black ink. I used some charcoal pencils to darken the image a little and stain the canvas more and a black sharpie to add some highlights. There is also a little bit of silver ink that can not be seen in the picture. I followed a similar formula for the dandelion pieces and wrapped each canvas with a little bit of straw string I had recycled from an old project.

I actually had 2 more canvases which I played around with for a little while writing "Not all who wander are lost..." on them, but I did not like how they came out. (The photo can be seen of them below) so instead I took a photo of the two canvases on my pin board and photoshopped the text in.
I can imagine many of these canvas in a similar design covering a large part of a wall...but that will have to wait until another day!

Here are some projects from the 30 Day Craft Challenge participants from yesterday...


Ann Place - Layout

Erin Boxsell - Layout

Nicky Normandale - Photo layout to be framed

Will be uploading more photos tomorrow from those participating for the inspiration word ~Journey~

Kate xx

Day 4 - 30 Day Craft Challenge ~Family~

Today, on day 4 of the 30 day craft challenge, I will be taking you on a little adventure, to the land of imagination.
Let's all imagine that at least one of Kate's, three printers actually worked today and where there is blank Polaroid shapes below, let's imagine that the have black and white pictures of my family in them :) ... This imagining will last till the weekend when I can get ink for the printer and show you all the finished product -

Not quite finished - but beyond my control today so here is my layout for ~ Family ~ ...

The polaroid shapes where cut using my silhouetter cutter, as was the tree and butterflys and the shapes from the silhouette library.

I will be framing the finished product in a shadow box frame and hopefully the weather will be better to get a better picture of it when it is completed.

The quote Says "The Family is one of Nature's Masterpieces" and is by George Satayana.

So here are a few (finished) pieces from some of the participants of the 30 Day Craft Challenge
From yesterdays word ~Velvet~

Ann Place made the below creation - using Velvet ribbon to make a choker and neclace finished off with two beautiful crystal pieces.

A card by Carol McCann - using Blue and white Velvet ribbon.

So cute! This is by Danyon Macfarlane.

A Note book cover made by Erin Boxsell with Velvet ribbon and a heart buckle.

Gorgous card by Linda Bromley.

Love this by Nicky Normandale - follow her blog at

More Crafty goodness to come tomorrow... to join in on the 30 Day Craft Challenge, go over to
and click on the Event App.

Kate xx